Видеокарта GeForce RTX 5080, возможно, будет иметь 256-битный шину данных. Некоторые параметры GPU GB203 и GB205 появились

according to recent leaks, the upcoming GeForce RTX 5080 video card is expected to feature a 256-bit bus. Additionally, some parameters of the GPUs GB203 and GB205 have also been revealed.

While the release of Nvidia’s Blackwell generation video cards is still a ways off, enthusiasts and tech experts are eagerly anticipating any new information about these highly anticipated solutions. Insider kopite7kimi has shared that the adapters based on the GB203 GPU will likely have a 256-bit bus, providing users with improved performance and efficiency compared to previous models.

The news of the 256-bit bus for the GeForce RTX 5080 has generated excitement among gamers and tech enthusiasts alike, as it indicates that Nvidia is continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible in terms of graphics performance. With these new details emerging, it seems that the Blackwell generation of video cards from Nvidia will be a significant step forward in the world of gaming and graphics technology. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to learn more about these highly anticipated GPUs.
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