Камера Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra оценена как хорошая, но даже у обычного iPhone 15 она немного лучше.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra was praised for its impressive camera, earning a score of 144 points from the well-known camera review website DxOMark. Despite the high score, it was noted that the regular iPhone 15’s camera was slightly better. The authors of DxOMark emphasized the excellent quality of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera, noting its ability to capture detailed and vibrant images. While the smartphone did not outperform its predecessors in the DxOMark rating, it still received praise for its overall performance. Samsung’s new flagship is expected to be a strong competitor in the smartphone market, especially for photography enthusiasts. With its powerful camera capabilities, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is sure to attract those looking for a top-quality camera phone. Stay tuned for more updates on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.
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