Космический аппарат Parker Solar Probe однажды коснулся солнечной короны и теперь готовится погрузиться в нее

расстоянии of 43.4 million kilometers. Now, the Parker Solar Probe is preparing for an even bolder move – it will plunge directly into the solar corona.

The spacecraft is equipped with a special heat shield that can withstand temperatures of up to 1,371 degrees Celsius. This will allow the probe to fly as close as 6.2 million kilometers from the Sun’s surface, entering the corona for the first time in human history.

Scientists hope that the data collected during this daring mission will help unravel the mysteries of the Sun and improve our understanding of solar activity. The information gathered by the Parker Solar Probe could also have practical applications, such as helping to predict solar storms that can disrupt satellite communications and power grids on Earth.

The mission represents a major milestone in our exploration of the Sun and demonstrates the capabilities of our technology to withstand the extreme conditions of space. The Parker Solar Probe is set to continue its groundbreaking mission, providing us with valuable insights into the star that sustains life on our planet. Stay tuned for more updates as the spacecraft embarks on this unprecedented journey into the heart of the solar corona.
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