Конец эры Intel Itanium: Процессоры уже не поддерживаются ядром Linux!

Intel Itanium processors, which have been on their deathbed for quite some time, can finally be declared dead. This comes after the recent removal of support for these CPUs from the Linux kernel. It should be noted that Intel had discontinued the supply of Itanium processors two years ago. However, the final blow to this generation came when the main Linux kernel, widely used in the tech industry, no longer supported Itanium (IA-64).

Phoronix, a leading technology website, reported that this significant development took place with the release of Linux 6.7. Consequently, Linux 6.6 would be the final version of the kernel accommodating the older Intel processors. This move indicates that the industry is steadily moving away from Itanium in favor of more advanced and efficient alternatives.

The Itanium processors, once hailed for their potential and high-performance capabilities, have been gradually losing popularity in recent years. Their demise can be attributed to various factors, including the rise of more cost-effective and powerful processors from other manufacturers, especially Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). In addition, the Itanium architecture faced compatibility issues that restricted its adoption and limited software development for these processors.

This news sheds light on the changing landscape of the tech industry and marks the end of an era for Intel’s Itanium processors. The decision of the Linux kernel developers to phase out support for Itanium further highlights the direction the industry is heading towards, with increased emphasis on alternative processor architectures that offer better performance, energy efficiency, and value for money.

While this latest development may cause inconvenience to some users still relying on Itanium processors, the overall impact is expected to be minimal, considering the diminishing user base of these CPUs. Meanwhile, industry experts predict that the discontinuation of support from the Linux kernel will drive the remaining Itanium users towards migrating to more modern and competitive processor options.

Overall, the end of support for Intel Itanium processors in the Linux kernel signifies a significant step towards the fading relevance of this once-promising technology. It serves as a reminder of the relentless progress and innovation within the tech industry, constantly pushing towards more powerful and efficient solutions.
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