Xiaomi огласила список смартфонов, получающих новую HyperOS в первой и второй волнах распространения!

Российские пользователи Xiaomi получат обновление HyperOS на своих смартфонах уже в первой и второй стадии распространения. Компания Xiaomi не так давно представила новую программную платформу HyperOS, и сегодня был опубликован список смартфонов, которые получат обновление уже в первом этапе распространения. На презентации было объявлено, что первые устройства на базе новой ОС появятся уже в декабре 2023 года…

(Introduction: Today, we have exciting news for Russian smartphone users. Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has officially announced the release of its new software platform called HyperOS. The company has also shared a list of smartphones that will receive the update during its initial distribution phase. The first devices equipped with the new operating system are expected to arrive in December 2023.)

In an effort to enhance user experience and provide the latest technological advancements, Xiaomi has unveiled HyperOS, a groundbreaking software platform designed for their smartphones. The company aims to deliver a more efficient and seamless operating system, granting users access to innovative features and improved performance.

Through HyperOS, Xiaomi plans to revolutionize the way users interact with their smartphones. The initial phase of distribution is set to commence in December 2023, offering select models the opportunity to upgrade to the new operating system. Users can expect a host of exciting features and optimizations that will significantly enhance their smartphone experience.

Xiaomi has revealed a list of smartphones that will be part of the first wave of HyperOS distribution. Among the eligible devices are the popular Xiaomi Mi 11, Redmi Note 10, and Poco X3 Pro. Users of these smartphones can look forward to a seamless transition to the highly anticipated HyperOS.

The second stage of distribution is expected to follow soon after, ensuring that a larger user base can benefit from the advanced software platform. Xiaomi is committed to providing timely updates to its devices, ensuring that users can make the most of their smartphones’ capabilities.

The release of HyperOS signifies Xiaomi’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. By introducing this cutting-edge software platform, the company is set to elevate the smartphone experience for millions of users worldwide. Stay tuned for future updates as Xiaomi continues to revolutionize the mobile industry with its breakthrough technologies.
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