Clickbate title: Филиппины создадут супер-погодный прогноз с использованием искусственного интеллекта


The Philippines Department of Science and Technology has announced a partnership with AI meteorology company Atmo Inc. to develop an AI-powered weather forecasting system. This new system, expected to be the largest in Asia, will use deep learning for weather prediction, complementing the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA). The system aims to enhance disaster risk resilience and offer applications in agriculture, maritime safety, infrastructure, and tourism. PAGASA will feed over 30 years of data into the new system to improve accuracy. This initiative comes as the Philippines is one of the countries most affected by typhoons and extreme weather. The new AI system is expected to provide more accurate and localized predictions compared to conventional models, with forecasts available within 15 minutes for up to 14 days. The initiative aims to improve early warning systems and meteorological services for the country.
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