ISLE 2021: An Overview of the Exhibitions of 16 Display Manufacturers


The 2021 edition of the International Signs & LED Exhibition (ISLE) was held from May 10 to 13 at Bao’An New Hall of the Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center. Two other trade shows also took place concurrently under the ISLE, which was the overarching event. These two trade shows were the International Smart Display & Integrated Exhibition and the International Signs & Smart Space Application Exhibition.
At this year’s ISLE, all-in-one system, smart retail displays, immersive displays, and UHD displays maintained their popularity and status as the mainstream products. Also, some display manufacturers were introducing some rather innovative solutions as a celebration for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese communist party.
UHD, Smart Applications, and Immersive Experience Competed for Attention
Notable companies that came to ISLE 2021 as exhibitors included Leyard Optoelectronic, Unilumin Group, Absen, Cedar Electronics, LianTronics, Ledman, LG Electronics, MAXHUB, AET, AOTO Electronics, NATIONSTAR, and Kinglight. Many exhibitions of individual companies at the event offered advanced, never-seen-before technologies that generated a lot of excitement among industry insiders.
Among the fine-pitch LED displays that were shown at ISLE 2021, the prominent ones include the models under the TX and MG series from Leyard. These include the MG012 and the 135-inch TXP all-in-one videoconferencing system.
The MG012 is the vanguard model of the MG series. It is a spliced video wall that feature floating connectors for piecing together individual display modules in the most precise manner. The entire system is easy to set up and resistant to torsion and shock. In terms of performance, the MG012 supports 3D effects, HDR, and resolution adjustment. It also features 16-bit colors plus greyscale processing as well as technologies for color and brightness corrections.
The TXP videoconferencing system is a next-generation solution for medium- and large-sized smart displays deployed in conference halls and similar venues. The all-in-one design has resulted in a thinner display, with thickness reduced to as much as 20mm. The TXP features an interactive whiteboard with the latest touch technology, so writing on the screen can be done smoothly. All in all, this videoconferencing system provides a more efficient and intelligent approach to holding meetings.
In terms of innovations, Leyard brought several uniquely shaped or designed display systems to ISLE. One of them is called “Bravo Symbol” and is a rotating colonnade with the screen wrapped around all sides. The other is a large transparent video wall dubbed “Water Curtain Door”. Leyard also presented the LSX, a video wall that offers 3D visual effects in front of naked eyes.
Ledman brought an 8K UHD Micro LED video wall, a 4K UHD video wall, the LEDHUB smart videoconferencing system, and a UHD immersive display. Together, these products showed off Ledman’s leadership in the UHD segment of the LED display market. Also, they all featured the COB packaging technology.
Among Ledman’s products, the one that attracted the most attention from the event attendees is the 324-inch 8K Micro LED video wall that adopts an LED packaging technology that combines COB with flip-chip. The video wall has a pixel pitch of just 0.9mm and a resolution that reaches 7680*4320.
The 8K Micro LED video wall also features 5G connectivity that, in turn, provides the speed and efficiency to enable the streaming of high-quality 8K content as well as a full-sensory experience. Ledman has stated that the 8K Micro LED video wall will make possible new digital applications in the field of broadcasting and entertainment.
MAXHUB showcased numerous solutions related to smart control center, smart conference room, smart retail, and political information center.
The core of MAXHUB’s solution for large boardrooms is the MAXHUB Plus, an all-in-one display system with functions and features that cover all aspects of smart videoconferencing. This product promises a significant upgrade with respect to equipment control, audio-video technologies, user experience, and sensory experience.
Another MAXHUB’s solution called the MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall can serve as a unified control interface that can also adjust the brightness of the lights installed on the ceiling or lift window curtains. Furthermore, MAXHUB has developed its own software called Maxconfig. It syncs up mobile devices with its LED displays. Hence, users of MAXHUB’s products can use their smartphones or tablets to adjust display brightness, speaker volume, display color temperature, display mode, signal source, etc.
The MAXHUB Plus comes pre-installed with MindLinker, which is videoconferencing app that provides many useful functions such as attendance pass, reservation, sign-in, backdrops for virtual meeting, etc. The aim behind the development of this product is to build a smart central control system that monitor and manages the entire operation of a large conference room, thereby providing a more impressive and intelligent user experience.
AOTO came to ISLE 2021 with solutions for flight information display system, displays for high-end retail stores, and large-size displays for conference rooms.
Regarding displays deployed at airports, the solutions for this venue have a higher standard for reliability compared with conventional in-door LED displays. In developing its LED displays for digital signage and flight information, AOTO places emphasis on lightness in weight, a consistent level of brightness across the screen, and accurate color reproduction. Hence, its solutions have been installed at many airports in China and other countries.
As for high-end retail, AOTO is offering a transparent display that can serve as a smart shopping window. It also features an intelligent assistant. This product, which was demonstrated at ISLE, proved that AOTO has the capability to expand into the high-end retail segment of the LED display market.
Turning to large-size displays for conference rooms, AOTO showcased solutions that can be installed in lecture halls and auditoriums. Among them, the SID “all-in-one” series is suitable for not only lecture halls but also training rooms, performance studios, and many other venues. The SID series adopts borderless design and an all-in-one body that keeps its weight down. It supports many types of digital media players and control schemes. In terms of specifications, the SID series has a resolution that maxes out at 1920*1080 and offers 100-550 nits in brightness.
At ISLE 2021, Unilumin exhibited a 5G-plus-8K solution, naked-eye 3D technology, XR-based immersive user experience, displays for broadcasting sporting events (and deployment in stadiums), and multimedia solutions for improving urban sceneries.
On the subject of XR (extended reality), Unilumin has integrated various related technologies into its LED displays. At this year’s ISLE, the company set up a massive LED video wall within its exhibition area. The video wall can livestream immersive 8K content via 5G network and allows viewers to interact with the content at the same time via XR technologies.
Unilumin is an official partner of FIBA, an official display supplier for the XXXI 2021 Summer Universiade in Chengdu, and a global partner of Manchester City F.C. Hence, it has an extensive line-up of products that can be deployed in stadiums and gyms. Some of these items that were shown at the trade show include a center-hung display system, a perimeter display system, and products that enable naked-eye 3D effects. To attract the interest of event visitors, the company also created a virtual bicycle ride with its LED displays. All in all, Unilumin demonstrated its prowess in developing LED displays for sports venues. At the trade show, the company presented a solution for every display application within a stadium.
In addition to Micro LED products, the highlights of Absen’s exhibition include such use cases as meeting and conference rooms, as well as innovative retail displays.
In particular, Absen presented a series of high-end Micro LED products for use in control rooms. These products are based on its in-house HCCI technology IP, feature flip chip COB packaging technology, are able to have uniform black color and high-contrast environmental lighting due to their improved video wall radiant power and improved cooling mechanism, and feature a host of other advantages, such as balanced, detailed images, high visibility, low power consumption, smart displays, and a thin-and-light physical appearance.
LianTronics presented its suite of solutions for home theaters, control rooms displays, and smart retailing, among others.
More specifically, LianTronics’ smart control room display product has an ultrathin 39mm thickness, making it perfectly suitable for various use cases requiring smart controls. At the same time, this solution comes with a variety of physical-level redundancies for data transmission, including controller, signal cable, and receiver cards. These redundancies work to prevent black screens and deliver a better smart control experience for the user.
Ktone is a distributor of the full suite of LG products in southern China. At ISLE 2021, Ktone presented LG’s first Micro LED video wall – the LG MAGNIT.
The LG MAGNIT makes a breakthrough by combining AI with Micro LED. It is equipped with the Alpha 7 Intelligent Processor, which, according to LG’s official website, “is adopted from LG’s TV technology recognizes and analyzes the original content, optimizing the clarity and sharpness of the content for itself”. In addition, the MAGNIT is capable of such features as HDR and wide viewing angles.
Nationstar made a splash at ISLE 2021 with its latest Mini LED display products and REESTAR-branded high-end products as well as new built-in IC products.
On the Mini LED display front, the highlights of Nationstar’s exhibition include IMD-M04, IMD-M07, and IMD-M09 standard/flagship series of products. In particular, IMD-M04 is the latest of Nationstar’s Mini LED display product and features flip chip packaging technology. This product delivers extremely high contrast ratios and brightness and seamless integrates into 4K (81-inch) and 8K (162-inch) displays.
As Nationstar’s subsidiary manufacturing high-end components for displays, REESTAR’s exhibition highlighted RS-1111, which is a high-durability, high-density LED part for outdoor use. RS-1111 is suitable for fine pixel pitch outdoor displays (P2 and under), features clear images and accurate color reproduction, and is highly reliable. Furthermore, images are crystal-clear even when viewed at extremely close distances. RS-1111 can be widely used in lamp post ads, high-end retail storefronts, and gas stations, among other specific outdoors display applications.
Kinglight introduced a family of stackable LED displays at ISLE 2021, with such pixel pitches as 0.62mm, 0.93mm, 1.25mm, and 1.56mm. In particular, Kinglight is currently heavily promoting the 0.93mm model, used across settings such as security and conferences.
Reportedly, these products are packaged with flip chip COB and non-wire bonding technologies, which enable remarkable performance improvements in reliability, brightness, power consumption, and viewing angles. Furthermore, these products have a max contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1.
Total production capacity allocated to these products is about 2,500 m2/month in 2021, with a forecasted expansion to 10,000 m2/month in 2022.
Xinda Opto
Xinda exhibited its TOP series of high-brightness outdoor products with a particular emphasis on products such as IMD integrated packages, COB 1010 packages, and COB flip chip integrated packages.
In particular, two-in-one packages are the main thrust of Xinda’s exhibition. These products feature UDP and have relatively high contrast ratios. Their surfaces feature a completely matte finish, which can effectively mitigate reflections, making them perfect for fine pixel pitch (P1.26) products.
On the other hand, Xinda’s four-in-one packages are formed with a process known as “MODING”, feature UDP, and have even higher contrast ratios. These packages are equipped with an innovative pad design, which effectively prevents solders from shorting out and makes them perfect for use in fine pixel pitch (P0.93) products.
Cedar Electronics
Cedar presented a series of unibody 2D/3D DCI-P3 color space flip chip COB displays, 5G+8K ultra high resolution video walls, Infinity obsidian series, Iview all-in-one smart touchscreen displays, wall mounted displays, and 4K UHD home theater products, among other heavyweights.
In particular, the 138-inch Iview is the industry’s first all-in-one display featuring flip chip COB packaging technology. It has a highly streamlined design and an 18.5mm ultrathin touch-enabled bezel and is capable of wireless display, digital whiteboard, smart remote, and teleconferencing functions. The Iview has a pixel pitch of 1.58mm, a resolution of 1920*1080, and a viewing angle of 0°-175° without color distortion.
Ultrafine pitch (P0.4) flip chip COB 2K tiled video wall is one of the resultant applications from China’s 13th five-year plan. This product is a standard 2K product that is currently still in the experimental phase but is expected to enter mass production within the next few years and enter the household appliance market after prices are lowered.
CLT showcased several usage scenarios, including command center, conference scenes, smart education, retail scenes, holographic display, and e-sports stream.
In terms of smart retail, the X-Poster introduced by CLT is a leading smart commercial LED display solution that measures at 35mm in thinness and is capable of seamless splicing in 6 seconds to achieve infinite imagination.
CLT showcased its X-Board Touch for smart education, which facilitates convenience controls, free writing, and easy protection.
LAMP introduced several series of products ranging from RN, HN, and BN.
The RN2.6 indoor LED rental display achieves ±7.5° arc splicing, mutual splicing between conventional and arc bodies, cube splicing, upper and bottom splicing, as well as left and right splicing through an innovative design. Apart from the aesthetic and changeable design, the product also extends the application boundary, and offers additional possibilities in the display industry. The RN2.6 indoor LED rental display can be extensively applied in specialty stores, conference rooms, stages, and concerts.
KN-Light presented the COB series, which comprises of stationary displays, shelf displays, poster displays, and P1.25 COB encapsulated displays.
Among them, the shelf display of KN-Light is protected by the new invention and utility patent, and is capable of shock-proof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, easy cleaning, and easy installation. The display can also be integrated with the ERP system of supermarkets for one-off insertion or deletion of multiple label contents to achieve easier product sales and timely transmission of information.
Novastar showcased its picture quality engine technology, HDR solutions, LED display solution for conference rooms, professional seamless switching solutions for rental, integrated solutions for smart visual exhibition displays.
Among them, the HDR solution supports HDR video source conversion, as well as video analysis and transmission equipment and high quality receiver cards in HDR. The HDR Master 4K video processor uses the AI dynamic range expansion technology to implement special adjustment based on the display property of the display body, and fully optimizes the display effect, so as to present additional bright and dark details.
The picture quality engine technology receives a 64fold increase in the accuracy of grey through an elevation of the grey depth to correct issues such as insufficient grey scale, inaccurate grey scale, and incorrect colors of the display.
Party Establishment Applications Begin to See the Light of Day
Party establishment applications became the largest highlight of the exhibition.
2021 is the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, where the propaganda and presentation of party establishment have experienced iterative development after a century of stupendous changes. Unilumin, LianTronics, MAXHUB, FXG, and Cosun Sign have all released party establishment solutions at ISLE 2021.
The centennial integrated party establishment solution of Unilumin integrates LED display and virtual scenes, and effectively resolves current issues, including incomplete display content, large investment, poor learning experience, and insufficient degree of interaction, through the immersive interactive system on the history and establishment of the party, visual party establishment system, and the integrated smart party establishment system.
It is noteworthy that the content of party establishment for Unilumin is instructed by the party establishment experts from the Central Party School of the Chinese Communist Party, the People’s Daily, and the Xinhua News Agency, and comprises of theoretical results, critical thoughts, and policy orientation from the 18th and 19th National Congresses of the Chinese Communist Party. 12 major themes are stipulated, on-demand customization is implemented according to party establishment features of locals and businesses, and distinctive exhibition venues are constructed according to the party establishment features of locals and businesses.
The smart party establishment display solution created by LianTronics adopts a fully digitalized large VR display for the content of party establishment, which achieves an immersive learning experience on the history of the party, realizes full-dimensional display of the history and establishment of the party, and systematized self-learning functions by pairing with the capacitive touch console.
The smart party establishment LED solution of MAXHUB forms a visual party establishment pavilion through the H31 MAXHUB LED engineering panel and the pairing with an egg chair and desktop panel, which creates a fully digitalized and immersive smart party establishment method that is targeted at various levels of party members and the mass public.
The capacitive touch desktop panel facilitates interaction between the public and the display, and the semi-enclosed space of the egg chair allows visitors to view on knowledges regarding the party establishment, where they enjoy a more immersive learning experience.
In addition, the party-masses server center solution of MAXHUB provides virtual pavilion customization service, which includes micro customization and comprehensive customization. Among them, micro customization creates distinctive exhibition halls according to the features of local brands, and assimilates local features into the learning segments, whereas comprehensive customization satisfies the requirements for extensive exhibition, and forms virtual venue roaming systems from multiple single venues according to the relevant theme. 
(Author: Lynn from LEDinside.)