Почему у автомобиля Toyota в багажнике “надувной матрас”? Компания разработала новый способ крепления грузов в пикапе.

Toyota recently made headlines with the patent for their innovative “inflatable mattress” designed to secure items in the trunk of a pickup truck. This unique feature is expected to provide better organization and safety for transporting cargo.

The “inflatable mattress” is positioned on the underside of the truck bed and can be activated with a simple switch. Once inflated, it presses down on any loose items, preventing them from moving around and potentially causing damage.

While the concept may seem unusual, it has practical applications for individuals who frequently transport items in their pickup trucks. Whether it’s groceries, equipment, or other goods, the inflatable mattress can help keep things in place and prevent them from shifting during transit.

This new patent reflects Toyota’s ongoing commitment to innovation and finding practical solutions to everyday challenges. As the electric vehicle market continues to grow, companies are looking for ways to differentiate themselves and offer unique features that appeal to consumers.

Although there is no official announcement regarding when the inflatable mattress will be available in Toyota’s lineup, this patent signals the company’s dedication to improving the functionality of their vehicles. Customers can look forward to more convenient and secure options for transporting items in their pickup trucks in the future.
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