Яблоко уже имеет более 2,2 миллионов активных устройств по всему миру

services,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. The company reported a strong performance in all product categories, with record revenue from iPhone sales and significant growth in the Mac and iPad segments.

The impressive milestone indicates the continued popularity and strong demand for Apple products around the world. The company’s ecosystem of devices and services has attracted a loyal and growing customer base, contributing to its ongoing success.

Apple’s strong earnings report also highlighted the success of its services business, including the App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, and AppleCare. The company reported a 14% growth in services revenue, reaching a record high of $18.5 billion for the quarter.

In addition to the impressive financial results, Apple also announced several new initiatives and investments aimed at further expanding its reach and impact. The company unveiled plans to build new R&D centers in several key locations, as well as significant investments in renewable energy and environmental initiatives.

Overall, the latest earnings report and announcements confirm Apple’s position as a global leader in technology and innovation. The company’s continued growth and success are a testament to its ability to innovate and deliver products and services that resonate with consumers worldwide. As Apple continues to expand its ecosystem and invest in new initiatives, it is poised to maintain its strong presence in the global market for years to come.
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