Астронавт на МКС управляет роботом-собакой на Земле

Космическая робототехника продолжает развиваться: астронавт МКС контролирует робота-собаку на Земле
Во время имитации миссии на Марс астронавт МКС Маркус Вандт успешно управлял роботом по имени Берт, который остался на Земле. Этот эксперимент направлен на демонстрацию прогресса в развитии космической робототехники и ее потенциала для исследования других планет. Берт – это четырехногий робот, отличающийся от своих предшественников в…

The experiment took place in a specially designed laboratory on the ISS, where Wandt was able to remotely control Bert’s movements on the Earth’s surface. Despite the distance and the technical challenges, the experiment was a success, demonstrating the potential for using robots in future space exploration missions.

Bert’s four-legged design allows it to navigate rough terrain and uneven surfaces, making it ideal for potential use in extraterrestrial environments. The successful control of Bert from the ISS also represents a significant advancement in the field of space robotics, opening up new possibilities for exploring planets like Mars and beyond.

In addition to its potential for space exploration, the use of robots like Bert could also have applications closer to home, such as in search and rescue missions or disaster relief efforts. The ability to remotely control robots from space could provide valuable assistance in situations where human access is limited or dangerous.

Overall, the successful experiment represents a significant step forward in the development of space robotics and its potential for future exploration missions. As technology continues to advance, the use of robots in space exploration is likely to become increasingly common, opening up new possibilities for the exploration of our solar system and beyond.
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