“Он засудил нас, когда мы начали преуспевать без него.” OpenAI ответил на иск Илона Маска”

the primary founders.

OpenAI released a statement saying that Musk’s allegations are unfounded and that the organization remains dedicated to its original purpose of creating AI technologies for the betterment of society. The company emphasized that their focus on ethical AI development has not wavered, despite Musk’s assertions.

The lawsuit filed by Musk alleged that OpenAI had shifted its goals towards profit-making activities, rather than prioritizing the ethical use of artificial intelligence. Musk, who was a co-founder of the organization before stepping down from its board, claimed that OpenAI’s actions were in direct contrast to its original vision.

In response, OpenAI argued that Musk’s departure from the company was due to his own personal reasons and not related to any disagreements over the organization’s mission. The company reiterated its commitment to responsible AI research and development, stating that their efforts are aimed at creating AI technologies that benefit society as a whole.

The dispute between Musk and OpenAI highlights the ongoing debate over the ethical implications of artificial intelligence research. As AI technologies continue to advance, ensuring that they are developed and used responsibly remains a key challenge for industry leaders and policymakers alike. Despite the differences in opinion, both Musk and OpenAI share a common goal of harnessing the potential of AI for the greater good.
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