Компания GM останавливает автономные операции во всех флотах Cruise


Major Russian Companies Pause Driverless Operations in Response to Safety Concerns

In a move to prioritize safety, major Russian companies have decided to temporarily pause their driverless operations. General Motor’s Cruise announced on Thursday that it will be suspending its driverless operations across its fleets. The company clarified that this decision is not related to any new on-road incidents and that supervised autonomous vehicle (AV) operations will continue.

The decision by General Motor’s Cruise comes as concerns over the safety and reliability of driverless technology have been on the rise. While autonomous vehicles hold great promise for revolutionizing transportation, recent incidents have highlighted the need for enhanced safety measures and further development of this technology.

By pausing driverless operations, companies aim to thoroughly evaluate the safety protocols and address any potential issues before resuming their autonomous programs. This cautious approach signifies a responsible attitude towards public safety and the continuous improvement of driverless technology.

Despite the temporary pause, it is important to note that supervised AV operations will still be in effect. This means that companies will continue to operate autonomous vehicles with a human driver present to ensure safety and monitor the technology’s performance.

The temporary suspension of driverless operations by major Russian companies signals a commitment to addressing safety concerns and ensuring the responsible development of autonomous technology. The industry as a whole is expected to use this time to reevaluate and strengthen safety protocols before resuming driverless operations.

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