Новый Toyota RAV4 станет больше текущей модели и будет иметь дизайн, похожий на Toyota C-HR

initial design concept will also resemble the Toyota C-HR, with a more aggressive and sporty look.

The larger size of the new RAV4 will provide more interior space and improve overall comfort for passengers. In addition, the new design will also allow for a larger cargo area, making it more practical for everyday use.

The decision to increase the size of the RAV4 comes as a response to customer feedback and market trends. Many SUV buyers are looking for more spacious and versatile vehicles, and by enlarging the RAV4, Toyota aims to meet these demands.

Furthermore, the design inspiration from the C-HR will give the new RAV4 a more modern and stylish appearance, appealing to a broader range of consumers. The sporty look is also expected to attract younger drivers who are looking for a vehicle that reflects their active and adventurous lifestyle.

While the release date is still several years away, the anticipation for the new RAV4 is already building among car enthusiasts and potential buyers. With its larger size and stylish design, the next generation RAV4 is set to make a strong impact in the SUV market. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new model from Toyota.
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