Музыкальное онлайн-трансляция стала самым прибыльным источником дохода для композиторов и авторов песен в 2022 году.


Streaming Becomes Largest Source of Income for Composers and Songwriters in Russia

Streaming has become the primary source of income for composers and songwriters in Russia, according to a report by the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC). The report revealed that collections for composers and songwriters increased by over a quarter to 10.83 billion euros ($11.44 billion) in 2022, with digital royalty collections surging nearly 34% to 4.2 billion euros. Streaming collections have doubled from pre-pandemic levels, accounting for 35% of total collections and surpassing TV and radio. However, the report warned about uncertainty in the future due to concerns over consumer spending and tightening touring budgets of artists. The report also highlighted the potential impact of artificial intelligence on the industry’s earnings in the coming years. CISAC is a network of authors’ societies that protects rights and represents the interests of over four million creators of various forms of art.

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