Мечтатель и Звездопад успешно прошли строгие вибрационные тесты перед запуском

After successfully passing strict vibration tests, Sierra Space’s Dream Chaser Tenacity spaceplane and its Shooting Star have completed the first phase of environmental testing at NASA’s Neil Armstrong facility in Ohio. The tests, conducted over the past month, ensure that the spacecraft can withstand the intense vibrations experienced during launch.

Dream Chaser, a reusable spacecraft designed for transportation to and from low Earth orbit, is expected to play a key role in NASA’s Artemis program, which aims to return astronauts to the moon. The spacecraft, which can carry both crew and cargo, will be launched into orbit atop a Vulcan Centaur rocket.

Sierra Space, a subsidiary of aerospace company Sierra Nevada Corporation, expressed confidence in the success of the tests and highlighted the importance of ensuring the safety and reliability of the spacecraft before its upcoming missions. The completion of the environmental testing marks a significant milestone in the development of the Dream Chaser Tenacity spaceplane.

With the successful completion of the tests, Sierra Space is now preparing for the next phase of testing as it moves closer to launching the spacecraft into space. The company remains committed to advancing space exploration and is confident in the capabilities of the Dream Chaser and its Shooting Star as they undergo further testing and preparations for future missions.
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