Компания HMD Global отказывается от бренда Nokia и представляет смартфон, похожий на Nokia Lumia

the iconic Nokia Lumia phones.

The new smartphone, which has not yet been officially named, has caused quite a stir in the tech world. In addition to the familiar design, the phone is expected to boast impressive features, including a high-quality camera and a long-lasting battery.

HMD Global’s decision to move away from the Nokia brand comes after years of declining sales and struggling to compete with other smartphone manufacturers. With this new direction, the company hopes to revitalize its presence in the market and regain the success it once had with the Nokia brand.

While some fans of the Nokia brand may be disappointed by the news, others are hopeful that HMD Global’s new approach will bring about positive change. The company has assured customers that it will continue to provide support and updates for existing Nokia smartphones, even as it shifts focus to its own brand.

As for the new smartphone, it is expected to be officially unveiled in the coming months, with a release date to follow shortly after. With its familiar yet refreshing design, along with its promising features, the phone is already generating anticipation and excitement among tech enthusiasts.

It remains to be seen whether HMD Global’s decision to distance itself from the Nokia brand will pay off. However, with the reveal of this new smartphone, it is clear that the company is determined to make its mark in the competitive world of mobile technology. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.
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