GPT-4 разрешили играть в Doom без обучения: искусственный интеллект плохо справился с врагами, забывая их моментально после исчезновения с экрана

An interesting experiment was conducted recently where the powerful AI model GPT-4 was allowed to play the iconic video game Doom without any prior training. The results, however, were less than impressive as the AI performed very poorly, particularly in remembering the positions of enemies after they disappeared from the screen.

This experiment was conducted by Adrian de Wynter, a Microsoft scientist and researcher at the University of York in England. While GPT-4 has already shown its capabilities in various tests and exams, its performance in playing video games seems to be lacking. The AI’s inability to effectively keep track of enemies in Doom raises questions about its ability to adapt to dynamic and fast-paced environments.

Despite its shortcomings in gaming, GPT-4’s performance in other tasks remains impressive. It is important to note that this experiment serves as a reminder that even the most advanced AI models have their limitations and areas where they may not excel. As researchers continue to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence, it will be interesting to see how future iterations of AI models like GPT-4 will fare in different scenarios.
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