“AMD увеличила поставки видеокарт на 117%, отбирая долю рынка у Nvidia” – Опубликованные статистические данные за последний квартал.

The battle for graphics card market dominance continues as AMD makes significant gains against Nvidia. According to recent statistics published by Jon Peddie Research analysts, AMD has managed to increase its supply of video cards by a whopping 117%, effectively taking a notable share of the market from its rival, Nvidia.

The report also highlighted that the overall sales of discrete graphics cards have reached an impressive milestone, with a total of 2.3 billion units sold worldwide since 2000, amounting to a staggering $482 billion in revenue. However, Nvidia experienced a decline in market share last quarter, dropping from 86% to 80%.

This shift in market dynamics has been largely attributed to AMD’s aggressive efforts to meet the growing demand for video cards, particularly in the gaming and cryptocurrency mining sectors. With their increased supply and competitive pricing, AMD has managed to appeal to a wider range of consumers, ultimately securing a more significant market share.

The competition between AMD and Nvidia is expected to intensify in the coming months as both companies continue to develop innovative technologies and products to stay ahead in the ever-evolving graphics card market. Industry experts believe that this rivalry will benefit consumers by driving advancements in performance and affordability across the board.
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