Запуск лунного посадочного модуля компании Intuitive Machines отложен из-за проблем с топливом. Новая дата запуска назначена на четверг, 15 февраля.

12, but has been pushed back to February 15.

The fuel temperature issues have been identified as the primary reason for the delay. Intuitive Machines stated that they are working closely with SpaceX to resolve the problem and ensure a successful launch on the new date. The company expressed confidence in the technical team’s ability to address the issue and prepare the lunar lander for its journey to the moon.

The Odysseus lunar lander is a part of NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program, which aims to send scientific instruments and technology demonstrations to the lunar surface. Intuitive Machines was one of the nine companies selected by NASA to participate in the program, and the successful launch of the lunar lander is crucial for advancing the agency’s exploration goals.

The delay is a setback for both Intuitive Machines and SpaceX, but the companies are committed to ensuring the safety and success of the mission. The launch of the Odysseus lunar lander is now eagerly anticipated on February 15, as it represents an important milestone in the exploration of the moon and the advancement of space exploration technology.
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