Xiaomi убрала популярную функцию из HyperOS: теперь YouTube без подписки не работает со выключенным экраном

screen off on YouTube violates the platform’s terms of service.

Many Xiaomi users are disappointed with this decision, as this feature was highly valued for its convenience. The ability to listen to music or podcasts on YouTube with the screen off was a major selling point for many users. However, it seems that Google’s policies on background video playback have forced Xiaomi to remove this feature in order to comply with the platform’s rules.

It is unclear why Google has decided to crack down on background video playback now, as many other devices and apps offer similar features without any issues. However, Xiaomi users will have to find alternative methods to listen to YouTube videos with the screen off, as HyperOS no longer supports this feature.

Overall, this decision by Xiaomi to remove the background video playback feature from HyperOS is disappointing for many users who valued this functionality. It remains to be seen whether Xiaomi will be able to find a workaround or if users will have to find alternative solutions for this feature in the future.
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