ST Telemedia запускает облачно-ориентированную консалтинговую компанию Ollion – узнайте подробности!


ST Telemedia opens cloud-native consult company Ollion in Singapore

The ST Telemedia group, owned by Temasek, has established Ollion this year as its first cloud-native consulting company. The newly formed company will operate its business in Singapore, the US, India, and Indonesia. They will integrate existing portfolio companies in their new venture. The CEO of STT noted that the strategic investor’s companies are gaining recognition in the market and industry. Ollion is formed with the integration of STT Cloud unit, CloudComrade, and US-based 2nd Watch. Both of the companies have unique skill sets. They are focused on cloud migration, cloud management, IT assessment, and strategic consulting for big enterprises. ST Telemedia plans to empower the clients to become cloud experts. The Ollion CEO said that, apart from consulting, companies are also looking for engineering solutions. He added that the consulting model is changing and a top-down approach no longer works. Ollion is seeing the customers are not just looking for advice but also the technology and the IP being delivered in a much more accountable way.
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