Совершенно другой тип автомобиля, который изменит жизни большего количества людей. Kia и Rimac готовят необычного роботакси

-speed prototype developed in collaboration with Kia. The project aims to revolutionize the way people travel, providing a sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional gas-powered vehicles.

The new robotaxi is set to feature advanced autonomous driving technology, cutting-edge electric propulsion, and a sleek futuristic design. The partnership between Rimac and Kia signifies a shift towards greater collaboration within the electric vehicle industry, as the two companies work together to bring this innovative mobility solution to market.

The CEO of Rimac, Mate Rimac, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating that the new robotaxi represents a “completely different type of car” that has the potential to change the lives of more people. The partnership with Kia is an important step in achieving this goal, as it combines Rimac’s expertise in electric propulsion and autonomous driving with Kia’s established presence in the global automotive market.

The unveiling of the Project 3 Mobility initiative has generated significant excitement and anticipation within the automotive industry, with many experts predicting that the new robotaxi could revolutionize urban transportation. The vehicle is expected to offer a more convenient, sustainable, and cost-effective mode of travel for city dwellers, while also contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions and the overall environmental impact of transportation.

The release of the self-driving robotaxi is expected to be a major milestone for both Rimac and Kia, as they continue to expand their presence in the electric vehicle market. With the global shift towards sustainable transportation, the partnership between the two companies signals a promising future for the development and adoption of electric and autonomous vehicles.

The Project 3 Mobility initiative is poised to make waves in the automotive industry, as it represents a groundbreaking advancement in electric and autonomous technology. As the world eagerly anticipates the launch of the new robotaxi, Rimac and Kia are poised to set a new standard for sustainable urban mobility. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting development in electric transportation.
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