Новый пакет доставляет 40V 530μΩ автомобильный MOSFET в 59мм2


Toshiba has introduced a new power mosfet in its S-TOGL package, specifically designed for automotive safety-critical applications. The mosfet, named XPJR6604PB, has a high current density of 200A and is smaller than the company’s previous DPAK+ package. The package is post-less and has a multi-pin source lead structure to reduce resistance and improve reliability. The XPJR6604PB mosfet has a low on-resistance and a reduced mounting area compared to previous models, while retaining the same thermal resistance characteristics. Another similar device, XPJ1R004PB, is also available in the S-TOGL package. Both devices are rated for use in temperatures up to 175°C and have undergone AEC-Q101 qualification. Reels of parts with gate threshold range not exceeding 400mV can be shipped for parallel use.

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