Мазда создала целую команду для разработки роторных двигателей

the development of rotary engines will be led by Mitsuo Hitomi, who has extensive experience in this area.

The decision to create a dedicated team for rotary engine development comes as Mazda aims to bring back this iconic technology, which has been a hallmark of the brand for many years. The company has long been known for its innovative approach to engineering, and the revival of the rotary engine is seen as a significant step in continuing this tradition.

The SP concept, unveiled at the recent Tokyo Motor Show, received a positive response from both the media and the public. This has encouraged Mazda to consider bringing the rotary engine back into production, with the potential for it to be used in future models.

Mazda’s decision to focus on rotary engine development is not only a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation, but also reflects a growing trend in the automotive industry towards alternative powertrains. With electric and hybrid vehicles becoming increasingly popular, Mazda’s renewed interest in the rotary engine demonstrates its willingness to explore new and unconventional technologies.

The appointment of Mitsuo Hitomi to lead the engineering team further underscores Mazda’s dedication to the development of rotary engines. Hitomi’s expertise in this field will be crucial in ensuring the success of the project, as Mazda seeks to create a modern and efficient rotary engine that meets the demands of today’s automotive market.

As Mazda continues to invest in the development of its rotary engines, the automotive industry will be watching closely to see how this iconic technology is brought back to life. With the expertise and dedication of its newly formed engineering team, Mazda is poised to once again make its mark with the revival of the rotary engine. The company’s commitment to innovation and its bold approach to engineering are sure to make this endeavor a success. Stay tuned for more updates on Mazda’s latest developments in rotary engine technology.
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