Университет Канберры оптимизирует облако с Nutanix


The University of Canberra has introduced the Nutanix Cloud Platform, featuring the NCM Cost Governance Solution, which has shown immediate impact in cost savings. The implementation has resulted in significant reductions in IT expenses and infrastructure needs. The new cloud architecture has allowed for major savings and improvements, including consolidating server and storage assets by 78%. Moreover, the platform has provided AI and deep learning to enhance the quality of teaching. It has also allowed for flexible, remotely accessible teaching environments with ample computing resources for AI and deep learning. The University first partnered with Nutanix technology in 2013, signaling a commitment to digital transformation. The university’s chief information officer, Matt Carmichael, praised their technology partner, QIRX, for their support in this journey. Nutanix APJ general manager and vice president Aaron White commended the University of Canberra for being at the cutting edge of AI and deep learning innovation, shaping the future of the nation. This news was reported in the subscription newsletter CommsWire on February 6, 2024.
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