СБА запускает CommBank Customer Copilot: Все, что вам нужно знать!


The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is planning to launch its own CommBank Customer Copilot and develop an AI “banker” that can provide personalized insights. The group’s chief information officer, Gavin Munroe, spoke at a presentation revealing the bank’s technological ambitions. Munroe discussed the development of the “CommBank Customer Copilot” and the creation of a “full co-banker pilot” as a personalized interface for banking services. The goal is to “expose capabilities that are in the bank today that traditionally have sat in silos to an interface that you can interact with it verbally,” he said. In addition to the copilots, the CBA is also working on expanding its use of Github Copilot, an AI pair-programming tool. Munroe expressed enthusiasm for the potential changes in software development and the speed of bringing it to market. He predicts the introduction of the copilots will happen in the beginning or middle of next year.
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