Глава ONI предупреждает, что правила закупок могут задушить инновации – читайте сейчас!


The director-general of the Office of National Intelligence (ONI), Andrew Shearer, expressed concerns about the risk-averse nature of government procurement potentially hindering the adoption of new technologies from the private sector. Shearer also revealed that Australia’s intelligence agencies’ top secret cloud project is being built with a focus on interoperability with the US and the UK. During a gathering convened by America’s Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Shearer emphasized the importance of technology partnerships between government and the private sector, stating that it is critical to take advantage of disruptive technologies. He also highlighted the need to reassess government’s risk appetite to avoid building “tomorrow’s legacy system”. Additionally, he emphasized the significance of interoperability in the top-secret cloud project, stressing the importance of sharing vast amounts of data and working together with the US and UK. He also reiterated the imperative of deepening cooperation between intelligence agencies.
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